A step towards building future RJ's,

The Aloysian Radio is an innovative effort by Rev. Fr. Sibi Joseph, to build an inclusive atmosphere in school where students can express their views or share ideas through this platform. The Aloysian Radio system is built with industry standard technology, developing vital skills in students for 'real world' and helping them to become future RJ's.

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1. Kargil Vijay Diwas  - 20th July 2022                    
2. Success & failure  - 10th July 2022                    
3. Patriotism  - 13th July 2022                    
4. 75th Independence Day & Raksha Bandhan - 17th Aug.2022                     
5. Teacher's Day - 31st Aug. 2022                     
6. Forgiveness - 7th Sep. 2022                     
7. NSS - 12 Oct. 2022.                     
8. Childhood & Music - 2nd November 2022.                     
9. National energy conservation day - 14th December 2022.                     
10. Sports Day - 8th December.                     
11. Indian coast guard day - 1st February 2023.                     
12. Christmas - 22 December 2022.                     

moments :

"ALOYSIAN RADIO @inner voice"

                  Everyone deserves to have their voice heard. St. Aloysius Sr. Sec . School relaunched the "ALOYSIAN RADIO @ INNER VOICE" for the students to showcase their inner talents. It will be a platform to build strong communication skills and confidence. Students will get opportunity to speak on their own chosen topics and to reach out to many hearts.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
                                   – John Quincy Adams 

St. Aloysius Sr. Sec. School Cantt. provides a platform to each individual to showcase his/her inner talent. On 9th July 2022 Rev. Father Sibi Joseph graced the occation of relaunch of the Aloysian Radio with new version. ' Aloysian Radio @INNER VOICE' On the day of relaunch RJ Vinamra and RJ Shivangi took the lead and grabed the audience with their inner voice.
Aloysian Radio @inner voice is a series of 20 exciting episodes . This will be broadcast on wednesday 's.

Members are :
Mrs. Sunanda Pathak
Mrs. Sukriti Mishra
Mr. Syed Noman
Mr. E. D. Ashish