A step towards building future RJ's,

The Aloysian Radio is an innovative effort by Rev. Fr. Sibi Joseph, to build an inclusive atmosphere in school where students can express their views or share ideas through this platform. The Aloysian Radio system is built with industry standard technology, developing vital skills in students for 'real world' and helping them to become future RJ's.

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"ALOYSIAN RADIO @inner voice"

"Stay resilient, stand tall, and let your voice be heard!
                   At St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, a reinvigorated initiative named 'ALOYSIAN RADIO @ INNER VOICE' has been launched, empowering students to exhibit their inner talents. This platform aims to foster robust communication skills and confidence, granting students the chance to articulate their thoughts on chosen topics, resonating with numerous hearts.
St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School Cantt. offers every individual a stage to manifest their innate abilities. On 26/7/2023, Reverend Father Sibi Joseph graced the occasion, marking the relaunch of Aloysian Radio in a revamped version titled 'Aloysian Radio @ INNER VOICE.'
'Aloysian Radio @ INNER VOICE' is a captivating series comprising various enthralling episodes scheduled for broadcast on Wednesdays.
The esteemed members of this initiative include:

Mrs. Nidhi Rao
Mrs. Pooja Chaddha
Mr. Udit Parmar
Mr. Ed Ashish
Mr. Varun Benjamin"