A Brief Life History

Aloysius Gonzaga was the eldest son of Marquis Ferdinand of
Gonzaga,Duke of
Montana,Prince of the Holy Roman Empire,He was born in the year... More+

House System in the School


In the House system of the school there are three Houses. Each House and its members rally under a common banner and this in itself inspires a spirit of unity and cooperation for healthy competition in various sporting events and other competitions conducted in the school.

Students are expected to take part in at least some of the School activities such as games, debates, drama, scouting etc. Each student should strive to attain proficiency in at least one of these activities.

               Red House - Motto "ALTIUS" (Always Higher)
                It reminds every member to rise above the ordinary inspite of                 difficulties and failures to achieve the goal.



               Green House - Motto "CITIUS" (Always Faster)
                It beckons the members to be alert,agile and competent in all                 the activities.This helps to keep pace with the fast developing world.


               Yellow House - Motto "FORTIUS" (Always Stronger)
                This inspires every member to become stronger physically ,                 intellectually and spiritually. Strength of character is the way to Success   and Happiness.



Student office Bearers
1)School Captain. 2)School Vice Captain. 3)Yellow House Captain. 4)Yellow House Vice Captain, and four/six House Prefects. 5)Red House Captain. 6)Red House Vice Captain, and four/six House Prefects. 7)Green House Captain. 8)Green House Vice Captain, and four/six House Prefects. 9)Head Girl Prefect and four girl Prefects. More+