A Brief Life History

Aloysius Gonzaga was the eldest son of Marquis Ferdinand of
Gonzaga,Duke of
Montana,Prince of the Holy Roman Empire,He was born in the year... More+

Junior Red Cross

                Junior Red Cross is formed in our school to encourage the young generation to cultivate a spirit of working for the welfare of mankind. They are encouraged to promote the motto of ‘Service to man is service to God’ .The Students inculcate a Spirit of friendliness towards others irrespective of religion, caste or creed .They are taught to promote the humanitarian values which  encourages respect for others and willingness to work together and find solutions to the common problems. The school organises visits to the home for the aged ,schools for specially challenged children,hospital,and attend medical camps in villages with the school team. They assist in any medical checkups for the students in the School. They collect many food and necessary items and distribute them .They also participate in blood donation camps with the Senior Red Cross group in the city when organised in the school and also support any rally held by the school under the instructions of the CBSE.